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About Us

The Indian Footwear Industry is growing at a rapid speed in the global market. Its rank in the global chart of footwear production is second, Number one being China. The demand of innovative footwear is one of the major reasons of new companies entering this industry and trying their luck. Designing innovative footwear since the year 1980 and largely contributing in the growing Indian Footwear Industry along with many big and small names of the industry is Jindal Footwear Industries.

Located in Delhi, the heart of India, as a manufacturer, we keep the interest of people in buying new footwear alive by making trendy as well as comfortable pairs. The line of footwear we produce contains Ladies Sports Shoes, Mens Formal Shoes, Kids School Shoes, Kids Sandal, Boys School Shoes, Ladies Belly, to mention a few. We believe that one thing is considered majorly by customers while purchasing footwear and that is quality. So, here we are making large investment in sourcing supreme quality rubber, sole, plastic straps, velcro, and other materials. These quality materials work for us as the base of producing quality footwear. Our brands namely, Jindal and Microtop are available for distributorship.

Growing With The Developing Footwear Industry

Th footwear industry in India is transforming from a traditional labor-intensive to a modern technology-driven sector with the advancements in technologies. Production of footwear, in the earlier times, was a tough task as all pairs were used to be made by nothing but dies. From cutting to shaping of materials, everything used to be done manually. But with the growing needs of wearers for designer footwear and rising labor work, the Indian footwear industry evolved into a technology-driven industry. Being a part of this industry since 39 years, we are gradually evolving and making the name of Indian Footwear Industry reach on a platform where it is unconquerable.

Why Prefer Us For Sourcing Footwear?

Jindal Footwear Industries has been proudly making its line of footwear including Boys School Shoes, Mens Formal Shoes, Kids School Shoes, Ladies Sandal, to name some, speak for the dedication with which they are made. Reasons that clearly suggest why our company is the best to invest money in and buy footwear are bulleted below:
  • Variety in rubber, PVC footwear is available
  • Standard sizes of pairs are designed to perfection
  • Formal to regular pair of footwear is produced in large quantity

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